Week 8 – insulation, bricks and plaster

Wall insulation went in last week, and bricks were delivered on Thursday. Plasterboard went up on the ceilings over the weekend, and bricking started yesterday, too.

The bricks look amazing, again one of those things we decided on so long ago, nice to see it on a grand scale finally.

2015-03-29 22.46.07 (Medium)


2015-03-30 17.51.23 (Medium)

Finally we have bricks 🙂 Austral Pepperwood, to be exact.

We were disappointed to see a bit of sloppy workmanship this week, the plaster in fill underneath the pantry window is both smashed and also not supported by anything:

2015-03-31 18.37.23 (Medium)

Plus one of the timber windows in the family area has taken a beating and there’s a big chunk out of it:

2015-03-31 18.33.36 (Medium)

Hopefully they can sort these issues out pretty quickly.


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