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Tender is done

Had our Tender appointment this morning, and we were both completely drained by the end of it. So much stuff to go through and think about!

We dropped a couple of “nice to haves” because the cost/benefit was just not there, and yet a few others were very reasonably priced, including upgrading the front door/timber stacker door height which we were expecting to be at least $1000, turned out to be only a few hundred.

As expected, the pricing for the kitchen appliances came back much higher than we could justify, so we dropped the Smeg oven and cooktop upgrades ($4k). We were originally told by our salesperson that the only appliance options were Smeg and Miele, but discovered this is not entirely true, and as it turns out we can actually get the Bosch 6 burner cooktop that we both loved, for half the price of the Smeg:

Bosch 900mm cooktop - PCT915B9TA

Bosch 900mm cooktop – PCT915B9TA

Our request to move the manhole to the garage was no problem – another thing we were told we couldn’t do. Our final tender price ended up being lower than when we started, including:

  • Add soundproof insulation to theatre
  • Vent rangehood to outside instead of ceiling space
  • Delete two bulkheads
  • Timber windows to fa├žade

And finally, we got a PDF with our preliminary drawings! This makes it all feel a bit more real:

Preliminary floor plan

Electrical and contract appointment in 4 weeks’ time. Almost there…