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Weeks 1 and 2 – site prep

Cut/fill, retaining walls and mains power.

2015-02-09 17.43.17 (Medium)

2015-02-17 17.52.30 (Medium)


And it starts…

We got a bill from SE water for our new property – heh, that sounds weird – “our property” 🙂 So I guess something will be happening soon?

Edit: we have taps!


Final floor plan and electrical

Our new admin at Henley asked us to confirm our floor plan and electrical variations before our land titles. Made a couple of changes, fixing a few minor things we hadn’t picked up on earlier (probably fresh eyes, since we hadn’t looked at this stuff in months).

Behold, the probably-really-final floor plan and electrical:

Final floor plan


Final electrical plan

Also, our block finally titled today, settlement is in two weeks. Hooray!



Civil works progress

Progress on the civil works has been seemingly slow but steady. Pretty much everything is done now, we have footpaths, street lights, signs, and roads!

July 6

July 6

August 17

August 17

October 10

October 10

October 15

October 15

November 1 - All done!

November 1 – All done!

And our NBN FSAM is in!




Power is in

Went for a quick drive up to our block today and saw the street now has power. Also you can see some of the gutters have been done and they’ve made a start on some crossovers, too. Hooray!

Underground power

Underground power

Looking towards our block

Land contract: done

The land contract went to our conveyancer on Monday and everything checks out, so we signed it with the developer this afternoon.

We are officially one step closer to being home (land) owners!

Expensive ream of paper

Expensive ream of paper