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Week 8 – insulation, bricks and plaster

Wall insulation went in last week, and bricks were delivered on Thursday. Plasterboard went up on the ceilings over the weekend, and bricking started yesterday, too.

The bricks look amazing, again one of those things we decided on so long ago, nice to see it on a grand scale finally.

2015-03-29 22.46.07 (Medium)


2015-03-30 17.51.23 (Medium)

Finally we have bricks 🙂 Austral Pepperwood, to be exact.

We were disappointed to see a bit of sloppy workmanship this week, the plaster in fill underneath the pantry window is both smashed and also not supported by anything:

2015-03-31 18.37.23 (Medium)

Plus one of the timber windows in the family area has taken a beating and there’s a big chunk out of it:

2015-03-31 18.33.36 (Medium)

Hopefully they can sort these issues out pretty quickly.


Weeks 5 and 6 – windows, gutters, roof

Windows, stacker doors, gutters and roof all delivered and installed. Things are flying!


Timber windows for the big ones – all double glazed.


Gutters and temp downpipes

2015-03-12 19.48.41 (Medium)

Windows are fitted, as well as timber stacker sliding doors to alfresco.

We finally got to see our Colorbond choice Basalt on a large scale (it was new at the time when we chose it, so no big examples to go by).

2015-03-12 19.32.18 (Medium)

Roof material delivery

2015-03-17 15.59.41 (Medium)

Roof done!

Also we got a shitload of plasterboard delivered. 3400kg to be exact:


Plumbing and electrical should be next.

Colours, fixtures, fittings

Had our colour appointment at Henley this morning. Wasn’t quite the crazy whirlwind affair I thought it might end up being, as we had been thinking about this stuff for months and were fairly well prepared.

Most stuff we’d already decided on and stayed the same, some things we changed on the spot because they worked better when put with everything else, others were a complete surprise. Overall, success!



Colorbond roof/downpipes/etc: Basalt
Bricks: Austral Pepperwood
Render: Barnfloor
Timber door/window stain: Merbau

Internal paint colours:

Wall colour throughout - Grey Pebble half

Grey Pebble half

Theatre walls and family room TV wall - Mud Pack

Mud Pack

Internal walls: Grey Pebble half
Theatre and family room TV wall: Mud Pack



Flooring: Rustic Coffee
Underbench cupboards: Licorice Linea
Caesarstone benchtop: Shitake (Vic’s baby)
Splashback: Dulux Organic
Overhead cupboards: Stipple Seal



Floor/wall tiles: Polar cobblestone matt
Underbench cupboards: Licorice Linea
Caesarstone benchtop: Raven (my baby)

Shower niche tile

Shower niche tile

Bathroom sink - Kado Lux

Bathroom sink – Kado Lux

Tapware - Phoenix Radii

Tapware – Phoenix Radii

Lexi twin shower (ensuite)

Lexi twin shower (ensuite)

Lago undermount sink

Double undermount sink

Smeg K181X90 rangehood

Smeg K181X90 rangehood

Smeg SA20XMFR8 90cm oven

Smeg SA20XMFR8 90cm oven

Smeg PGA75F-4 cooktop

Smeg PGA75F-4 cooktop

Lots of other stuff, including 2400mm high doors, pot drawers, bin drawer, microwave hole in pantry, and many other things I don’t remember right now. We have no idea what the kitchen appliance pricing is like, will have to wait and see when the Tender comes in. None of our upgrades (except perhaps the kitchen appliances) were particularly extravagant or expensive, but we chose what we liked and then consulted the price list. Probably around $6-8k of internal upgrades all up – not too bad.

Tender appointment in 4 weeks!