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Monaco Nouveau Q1 at Selandra Rise

Drove down to Selandra Rise on Saturday, where the Henley display includes the Monaco Nouveau Q1, which we were keen to look at. I think we both were a little shocked as to how much we loved the feel of it. It’s almost as if the Q1 was a draft and the Nouveau Q1 is the finished product – little changes here and there make such a difference.

Henley Monaco Q1 floor plan

Monaco Q1

Henley Monaco Nouveau Q1 floor plan

Monaco Nouveau Q1

When we got home, the usual hours of browsing the net kept us busy for the rest of the evening, back and forth between us about what we think would work and what we might do differently. In the end, there’s only a few minor things we would want to change about the Nouveau floor plan. This bodes well, since every change will cost extra, but it is also a good indicator that the standard floor plan is well thought out.

The standard inclusions from Henley are also much more generous than Porter Davis, and the quality of the workmanship looks very good (though not perfect – we did see a number of minor flaws that we wouldn’t let fly, just little things like skirting boards not lining up properly and paint cutting in missed.)

Monaco Nouveau Q1 at Selandra Rise - Galleria Facade

Monaco Nouveau Q1 at Selandra Rise – Galleria Facade

Fast forward a few days, and after endless discussion, we’re pretty sure we’ve made our first actual decision: we’re building the Henley Monaco Nouveau Q1!