Monthly Archives: January 2014

Our dirt

Did a bit of offroading and drove up to roughly where our lump of dirt is. Not a lot to see right now, there’s some pegs in the ground and you can kinda see where the roads will be, but that’s about it.

lump of dirt


We have land!

Finally received the call we’d been waiting for regarding the block we wanted. The price was a little higher than we were expecting, but …

We have land. It is ours! Well, not officially until we’ve signed the contract.

Now comes the tedious, annoying stuff. I’ve already made a bunch of calls this afternoon to get the ball rolling, time to get onto the builder and get everything quoted up. I think we’ll get quoted on absolutely everything, and then decide what to cull. Fun times!

Update: After reviewing the engineering plans, we’ve actually switched to an adjacent lot (same dimensions) because we wanted the crossover on the other side, and there was no guarantee the developer would switch it for us. Much easier to switch blocks and have the certainty that it’s locked in – and no need to flip the front of the house.

The search for the perfect block

On a whim, we decided to go to the Ambrosia sales office this morning, since we liked the location and wanted to find out more about nearby facilities, schools, etc.

Popped into the Henley display next door to have a quick look at some paint colour ideas while we waited for the sales office to open. Not sure we got a lot out of it but it was fun, anyway, and I snapped a shot of our vanity and tapware (Phoenix Radii)

Vanity and Radii tap

Back to the land sales office, we found out the nearby Cranbourne West primary school site is being handed over this year and is scheduled to open in 2016 which works well for us. On the land side of things, there were a couple of 14x32m blocks we’d seen online which would suit us, but unfortunately both were already sold.

Extra metres at the back are important for us, so the search has been on for the elusive 33m+ depth block. On the board out the front, a couple of blocks caught our eye that are pretty much exactly what we’ve been looking for. Size, orientation and location are all good – the compromise is a T intersection, but that’s minor compared to the advantage of having extra depth and back yard space.

Only problem is they’re not on the market yet, but probably only a week or two away, Now we play the waiting game…