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Porter Davis Drysdale and Henley Monaco

We went to see some displays in Point Cook today. We really wanted to see the Porter Davis Drysdale (our current favourite), and also dropped by the Henley display to check out the Monaco. I’d looked at the floor plan and some photos on the web and figured it was worth a look since we’d be in the area.

Porter Davis Drysdale 26 floor plan

Porter Davis Drysdale 26 floor plan

The Drysdale was good, but we’d already figured out a number of things we would change. By contrast, we were blown away by the floor plan and the finish of the Monaco. Everything just felt like it flowed really well, and we loved the “resort” feel of it (some of which does come down to furnishings, but we can definitely see how this layout will work for us.)

Vic was pretty set on the Drysdale being the #1 contender, but even she was swayed by the Monaco. There was just something about it which clicked with us.

An upgraded version, the Monaco Nouveau Q1, is on display in Clyde. It has a walk in pantry, larger ensuite and makes better use of the kids space. We feel strongly enough about this floor plan that we’ll go down there soon and check it out.