Monthly Archives: August 2013

Moving to Cranbourne

For a couple of reasons we decided to move into the area we’re going to be building in:

  • familiarity with the area
  • visiting the building site often

Ultimately the first point will help us decide which estate we want to buy land in for our build, as well as getting our bearings with how far away things are, what’s nearby, etc. And visiting the building site often is something that would be super annoying and very time consuming if we were still living in Bentleigh East, it makes sense to be local.

And finally, Alex needs to be enrolled in kinder for 2016. If we will be living in the area when he starts kinder, we need to be living there ASAP to get him enrolled.

We applied for a place that we liked and we got it, so next month we’re moving to The Hunt Club.

Cranbourne can be a bit hit and miss with DSL, some areas are RIM hell which could mean crappy speed, or possibly even no fixed internet. Happy to discover that The Hunt Club is Telstra Velocity, so no issues 🙂