Build is go!

We have a building permit 🙂


And it starts…

We got a bill from SE water for our new property – heh, that sounds weird – “our property” 🙂 So I guess something will be happening soon?

Edit: we have taps!


Final floor plan and electrical

Our new admin at Henley asked us to confirm our floor plan and electrical variations before our land titles. Made a couple of changes, fixing a few minor things we hadn’t picked up on earlier (probably fresh eyes, since we hadn’t looked at this stuff in months).

Behold, the probably-really-final floor plan and electrical:

Final floor plan


Final electrical plan

Also, our block finally titled today, settlement is in two weeks. Hooray!



Civil works progress

Progress on the civil works has been seemingly slow but steady. Pretty much everything is done now, we have footpaths, street lights, signs, and roads!

July 6

July 6

August 17

August 17

October 10

October 10

October 15

October 15

November 1 - All done!

November 1 – All done!

And our NBN FSAM is in!




Finance finally done

Stuck in a bit of a holding pattern for the last few weeks, our first two valuations came back a lot shorter than we expected, so we’ve been figuring out what we can do in order to close the gap.

Had a few priority lists of stuff we’d consider dropping in order to get the build price closer to the valuation, but fast forward another week and our broker got yet another valuation which came back right on the money. No compromises and two very relieved future owners.

Formal approval is ours!

Electrical and contract done!

We had our final office appointment with Henley today to finalise our electrical layout and sign the building contract. Such a relief that we’ve finally gotten to this stage.

Behold! Electrical plan that I’ve been thinking about for months now:

electrical spec

electrical spec

Since we’re doing our own lighting after handover, we positioned the batten fittings in the various rooms so that they will be in the right spot to be replaced with downlights. Power points in a couple of cupboards for eg. dustbuster in linen, NAS in either master or office wardrobe. Added an extra power point for each wall mounted TV location, as well as on the wall in the garage where I’ll have a wall mounted rack for comms gear.

We want Clipsal pushbutton LED light switches throughout, but Henley don’t have them in their standard catalogue, but we’ve given them the part numbers so hopefully they will come back and not be too expensive. In the theatre, we’re putting an IR remote control dimmer switch, which again Henley don’t have but we’ve asked for. Most likely we’ll just get our sparky to do that after handover, since I’m sure it will be overpriced.

IR remote dimmer

IR remote dimmer switch (theatre)

After finalising our electricals, we went through the contract with our admin. Victoria picked up a couple of errors in the kitchen specs, but otherwise everything checks out, and we’ve signed on the dotted line. Next comes the finances!


Contract and final drawings (almost)

We received a copy of our building contract and “final” drawings today; it’s about as thick as a volume of an encyclopaedia (do people still use those?) Our electrical and contract appointments are on Thursday, so we will go over everything with Henley that afternoon.

Couple of minor changes needed on the drawings:

  • Move manhole from laundry to garage (as per Tender)
  • Swap portrait door and dishwasher space in kitchen island bench (so dishwasher space is adjacent to sink)
  • Delete bulkhead on WIR entrance in master ensuite
  • Move wall mixer/spout in main bathroom to underneath window

Everything else appears to be in order. Bosch gas cooktop is in ($770), and they’ve slipped in a $240 charge to increase the height of the garage door due to garage stepdown, which is annoying because the garage stepdown was on the very first revision of our quote back months ago, and there was never any mention of an extra door height cost.

All up just over $265k. Getting more real by the day now.